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Whats is cenote ?

Technically a cenote is simply a sinkhole; a place where the ceiling of an underlying cave fell in. The photo above was taken down inside the large collapse of the East Ojo at Dos Ojos cenote park.

The rubble pile of a collapse typically has very little soil. The specialized plants that grow here get nutrients from their fallen decomposed leaves and their roots split the rock to tap the cave water below.

Origin of the word comes from Mayan word „dzonot“ which means well. Those were the only one source of water for Mayan kingdoms and because of lack of water and rain Mayas worsiped their rain god whose name is Chack.

Among the most well-known are: Dos Ojos , Grand Cenote, Cenote Azul...

Contact us for diving or snorkeling in cenotes, we have certified cavern divers. 


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