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Weather: Temperatures in the main season (December–March):

Daytime temperature 26–31 °C,

Night-time temperature 18–22 °C

Sea temperature 26–28 °C

The up-to-date weather forecast for Riviera Maya is available here

Year-round detailed information air and water temperatures, sunshine, precipitation and humidity is available here:

Time zone: -7 hours GMT (for Europe except GB)

Air connections: Direct flights from Paris, Frankfurt (and other cities in Germany), London, Madrid and Amsterdam. Flights from these places take 10–11 hours (return flights approx. 9 hours)

Language: Spanish. In the main tourist destinations, you can communicate in English easily. For tours to more remote areas (in particular in Chiapas and in  proximity to the Mexico-Guatemala border), knowledge of basic Spanish terms or a phrasebook is recommended

Personal documents: passport with a minimum 6-month validity, a visa is not necessary for less than 180 days of stay

N.B.: pursuant to EU regulations, all children must have their own passport

Money: Mexican pesos. The exchange rate varies between 12–13 MXN for 1 USD res. 15 - 16 MXN for 1 EUR. Contrary to what one might expect, the exchange rate in banks is better than in exchange offices. On the other hand, you can use USD practically everywhere, but the exchange rate will not always be favourable – it is better to ask first. You can take euros with you – the exchange rate corresponds with the USD/EUR parity.

Payment cards: You can pay by card practically everywhere in larger tourist resorts (restaurants, shops, car rentals, etc.), with the exception of small stands with souvenirs or for street trading. In all tourist resorts, there are plenty of cash dispensers, which means that you do not have to take too much cash with you. The cash dispensers will give you as little as 200 pesos, but it is better to withdraw larger sums as every withdrawal costs additional charge. Moreover, you have the opportunity to withdraw amounts in USD, such as in Playa del Carmen on 5 Avenida.

Telecommunications: Riviera Maya offers a US standard. There are many telephone booths (prepaid cards or credit cards). There are a great number of Internet cafés where you can check your mail or call to Europe cheaply. The price per minute is around 4–6 MXN). If you have your notebook with you, most coffeehouses or cafés (Starbucks etc.) offer wi-fi free of charge along with your coffee.

Tips: some restaurants include a “service” charge or tip in the price. Other restaurants (the majority) do not. Therefore, it is better to ask whether the price on the bill includes service (in Spanish: “servicio incluido?”). If yes, it is enough to round the bill up to the nearest round sum. If service is not included in the price, the tip amounts to approx. 10%.

Health-related information and prevention: For your tour to Mexico, you do not need any special vaccinations (standard tetanus and hepatitis injections are enough). Travel insurance is highly recommended. The private hospitals in Playa del Carmen and Cancun meet high standards – a simple visit or treatment costs from approx. USD 40. We do not recommend drinking tap water. It is better to take a bottle of mineral water to your room. On the other hand, ice in drinks is OK. In the event of stomach ache, visit a pharmacy or a drugstore and buy a small bottle with pink medicine called Pepto-Bismol. It will relieve your pain very quickly.

Safety: Riviera Maya and Yucatan do not be afraid of travelling to this area, as it is safe here! Riviera Maya and the entire Caribbean coast, unlike the northern part of Mexico (Mexico City, Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, etc.), are very safe. The police are highly respected here and you will see them around very often. In addition to crude-oil production, the tourist industry is one of the most important sources of the national economy, which means that they make great efforts to ensure that tourists are satisfied and enjoy their holiday.

Important telephone numbers Police - 060 
Emergency medical service - 065 or 066 
Fire rescue service - 068

Electricity: In Mexico, there are 110V sockets adapted for plugs with flat connectors.

Remember to take: 220V–110V power adapter, suntan lotion or oil with a high sun protection factor (at least 30), panthenol cream for sunburn, sunglasses and a cap or hat (it is possible to buy these at your destination).

Customs regulations: From 1 November 2008, all passengers travelling to Mexico on international flights from Europe, Asia and Canada with connecting flights to international or national destinations are obliged to submit their luggage for customs inspection at their first entry into the territory of Mexico. After collecting their luggage from the conveyor belt, passengers undergo customs inspection, which means that their luggage is not transferred automatically onto the flight to the target destination. Persons over 18 years of age may import 20 packs of cigarettes, 25 cigars or 200 grams of tobacco and up to 3 l of wine, beer or liquor duty-free.
For import of dogs and cats, it is necessary to have a medical certificate attesting that they are in good medical condition and a valid vaccination certificate for vaccination against rabies (detailed information is available at the Mexican Embassy in Prague). Important notice!!! There is a ban on the import of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat products, chemical, pharmaceutical and biological products for use in agriculture. It is forbidden to collect and export free-growing plant species, their fruits and seeds (this is a criminal offence, which is penalized by up to 9 years of imprisonment), corals, and to hunt and export animals and products made thereof (e.g. tortoise shell). It is forbidden to export archaeological artefacts, historical documents and memorabilia. (Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic)



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