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Mexico - Guatemala - Belize - Mexico

9 days circuit with 3 days relax on the Caribbean beach

For the tour, we have prepared for you the “pearls” of the so-called “classical period” (2nd to 9th centuries AD) when the Mayan civilization reached its peak in astrology and mathematics and built the most beautiful pyramids. We will visit the pyramids hidden in the jungles of Chiapas and Guatemala. You will admire the famous and allegedly the most beautiful Maya kingdom in Palenque, travel by boat along the Usumacinta river up to the ancient site of Yaxchilan, climb the highest Mayan pyramid in Tikalu, Guatemala, watch the sunset above the lake from the top of the pyramid in Yaxha and admire the most famous Mayan mural paintings in Bonampak. You will follow a track through the best preserved primeval tropical forest in Central America and spend the night in the Indian community of Lacadones. We will explain to you how the sacred Mayan calendar works and what the Maya used it for. You will learn much about Mayan cosmology and astrology, including why the famous pyramids have nine steps and why the number 13 was so lucky for the Maya. At the end of the tour, we will visit Caye Caulker in Belize, a magical Caribbean island, where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Rastaman culture and ever-present reggae. Once the tour is over, you can relax for a few days on the Caribbean white-sand beaches in Playa del Carmen. A professional guide available for the entire tour.

The tour is intended for tourists who prefer individual touring providing for plenty of unusual experiences and who prefer the authentic atmosphere of the places visited to “commercial” mass-touring , therefore the optimal size of the group is 10 max. 12 persons. The overnight transportation to Palenque is secured in a luxury coach (air-conditioning, TV, WC) where you can even sleep comfortably. The selected tour and the places visited are attractive and provide for unique experiences. In addition, the whole time you will have an experienced guide who knows the area perfectly and lives in Mexico.

1st day:  Cancun / Playa del Carmen

Departure from your country. Arrival in Mexico in late afternoon. Landing at the international airport in Cancun and transport to a three star hotel Plaza Playa in Playa del Carmen. The duration of the transfer is 45 minutes. After check in, a free evening for your own activities. The hotel is almost brand new in the location, it is situated 10 minutes away from a beach and there are restaurants, bars and a supermarket in the vicinity.  The price includes an American style breakfast.

2nd day: Playa del Carmen

The whole day free for your own activities, swimming in the sea etc. Check out from the hotel at 12. Departure from Cancun at 7 p.m. Transport to Palenque by a luxury long distance coach ADO which is equipped with air conditioning, TV and WC, The night is spent on the bus.

3rd day: Palenque / Aqua Azul / Misolha

Arrival in Palenque in early hours of the morning  and departure for a whole day trip approximately at 8 a.m.  Palenque is considered to be one of the most beautiful Maya cities of the Classic Period. The discovery of the well preserved tomb of king Pakal in the crypt of the Temple of Inscriptions in 1960’s has turned  Palenque into a cult. A visit to the museum with king Pakal’s sarcophagus will be followed by a visit to the Aqua Azul waterfalls and Misolha, Return to Palenque, time for your own activities, overnight

4th day: Palenque / Bonampak / Lacanha

Departure to the heart of Chiapas in the early hours of the morning. First of all, arrival in Bonampak and sightseeing around a significant Maya kingdom with its famous murals. After that, a visit to the best preserved jungle in Mezoamerica, the nature reserve of Lacantun with a trek through the jungle which is a unique experience. The guide will be a local Indian from the tribe of Lacanodones whose people live in perfect harmony with  nature, know how to use almost all plants of the jungle for medicine but also practice shamanism and the rituals are part of their everyday life. Dinner, night in the Lacanja nature reserve in cabaňas.

Palenque jewel of Mayan culture: left: Templo de los Inscriptiones, right: El Palacio

Maya from Lacanha with sacred Mayan tree  ceiba and mural paintings at Bonampak (right)













Sunset in Yaxha from the top of  "Templo de las  Manos Rojas" (right)

5th day: Lacanha / Yaxchilan / Bethel / Isla Flores

Breakfast, departure from the nature reserve in the directon of the river Usumacinta for Frontera Corozal followed by a boat ride down the river to reach Yaxchilán. This formerly famous and powerful city is hidden in the jungle and is accesible only via the river. After seeing the city, a bus transfer to Isla Flores, a romantic town which is located in the middle of  lake Petén Itzá. Check in at the hotel, free time for your own activities such as swimming in the lake, visiting  local taverns on the shore with a view of the sunset over the lake.

6th day: Isla Flores / Tikal / Isla Flores

Breakfast at the hotel, departure from Flores and a visit to Parque Nacional Tikal, one of the largest and the most renowned centers of Maya culture during the Classic Period. Visit to the Central and North Acropolis, Temple of the Great Jaguar and Temple of the Masks, as well as the largest Maya temple in the whole of Mesoamerica Templo IV reaching the height of almost 70 meters. All this is enhanced by the incredible atmoshere to which monkeys and toucans in the treetops greatly contribute. Return to Isla Flores in the afternoon.

7th day: Isla Flores / Belize City / Caye Caulker

Breakfast at the hotel, departure from Isla Flores to Belize. Arrival in Belize City after midday, boat transfer to the island Caye Caulker. Check in and free time for your own activities.

8th day: Caye Caulker

The whole day free for your own activities, rest, swimming in the sea, looking around the island or for optional tours which are: the whole day tour to the famous Blue Hole or diving and snorkeling at the nearby coral reefs.

9th day:  Caye Caulker / San Pedro / Chetumal / Playa del Carmen Departure from the island by boat in the early hours of the morning, stopping off at San Pedro (Immigration office of Belize) and arrival in Mexican port Chetumal after midday. Transfer to Playa del Carmen. Check in the three star (3*) hotel Plaza Playa.

10th day: Playa del Carmen

The whole day free for your own activities, swimming in the sea or optional tours. Overnight in the three star (3*)  hotel Plaza Playa.

11th day: Playa del Carmen

The whole day free for your own activities, swimming in the sea or optional tours. Overnight in the three star (3*)  hotel Plaza Playa.

12th day: Playa del Carmen / Cancun

Free morning, swimming in the sea etc. Check out from the hotel at 12:00, in the afternoon transfer to the international airport in Cancun and departure back to your country

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1,425,- USD  per person in a doubleroom, in a group of 8 participants



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