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Tourists from all over the world are discovering Tulum Mexico as a destination for romance and adventure. Tulum's white sand beaches and cristaline blue Caribbean waters are perfect for sunbathing, swimming and snorkeling. Also ideal place for lovers and honeymooners seeking for remote beaches. Tulum is just 50 minutes drive from Playa del Carmen and 1,5 hour from Cancun

Tulum - "Templo del dios del viento"


Tulum is jus 45 minutes from ancient Coba famous Mayan ruins where you can climb highest pyramide in Yucatan and also admire beautiful Mayan stelas (limestone monolits with mayan hieroglyphs carving) among them is one with mysterious date 21.12.2012 winter solstice and end of Mayan calendar of "long count" which lasts   13 baktuns or 1.872.000 days



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