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12 days circuit with stay on the Caribbean beach

Lost in the jungles of Mesoamerica, remnants of this mysterious nation are found. Who were the Maya? What were these people like, where did they come from and what legacy did they leave behind for our modern times? These questions are asked today not only by scientists and researchers, but also by ordinary people who are fascinated by this mysterious empire. They were able to foresee eclipses of the sun, conjunction of planets, solstices and equinoxes, during which some structures provided mystic show, as in Chichén Itzá where a serpent is crawling down from the top of the pyramid. The Maya were the first people on earth to use the zero and were obviously the most advanced mathematicians of their time. They had the best writing system of the whole of Mesoamerica. Join us to get to know more about those people and their culture, to learn thier mysterious sacred calendar. During circuit we visit the most important and beautiful Mayan kingdoms located in Yucatan, Guatemala and Belize. At the end of your vacation you will spend 4 days on beautiful white sand Caribbean beach.....

This tour has been designed so that it includes the best these three countries have to offer from Mayan culture point of view but also to satisfy lovers of the nature. The Mayan civilization, when on its peak between 200 B.C. and 900 A.D. – so called Classic Period, outmatched all other cultures in astrology, mathematics and building skills. Our adventure will begin with a visit to the most famous pyramids in Chichén Itzá which were built in the Post-classic Period around the year 1000 A.D. and which were later included in the list of contemporary seven wonders of the world. Another unforgettable experience is awaiting you during the sightseeing in Uxmal, the Maya kingdom built in puuc architecture style famous for richly decorated upper parts of the facades. We will visit the pyramids hidden in jungles of Mexican Chiapas, Guatemala and Belize. We will have a chance to admire mysterious and allegedly the most beautiful Maya kingdom in Palenque, we will take a boat ride on the river Usumacinta as far as ancient Yaxchilán which is located on Mexican borders, we will climb the tallest Mayan pyramids in Tikal, Guatemala and we will watch the breathtaking sunset over the lake from the top of a pyramid in Yaxha. In Belize we will take a boat ride in the morning to experience awakening nature full of exotic flora and fauna along the river New River as long as mysterious pyramids in Lamanai. We will share with you how ritual Mayan calendar worked, how the Maya used it and what its significance was for their whole community. You will leave well informed about Mayan cosmonology and astrology, among other things you will know why all the famous pyramids have nine levels, how was the construction of a pyramid different from the construction of a temple or why the Maya considered the number 13 a very lucky number. Apart from ancient Maya kingdoms you will see amazing fauna and flora of Chiapas and Guatemala. You will be able to observe monkeys, crocodiles, nosals, tapirs and many rare species of birds with toucans and parrots being the most unique kinds.

The excursion is aimed at those of you who prefer hiking in a no-mass fashion manner and seek a great number of unique experience and authetic feel of the visited places as opposed to commercial tourism. For this reason our groups do not exceed 10 to 14 participants. After the days full of activities and impressions you will be able to rest in good quality 3+* hotels with breakfast, you will be acompanied by an experienced tour guide at all times, a tour guide who counts for an expert in Maya culture, they are knowledgeable about the region and Mexico is their home.

1st day Cancun / Playa

Arrival in Mexico in late afternoon. Landing at the international airport in Cancun and transport to a three star hotel in the center of Playa del Carmen. The duration of the transfer is about 55 minutes. After check in, a free evening for your own activities.

2nd day Playa / Chichen Itza / Ik-Kil / Merida

Breakfast, departure to Chichén Itzá, the largest and the most famous Maya kingdom in the northen part of Yucatan. This complex of Mayan monuments has also been included in the list of new seven wonders of the world.  The most famous is the Temple of Kukulkan also known as El Castillo, the Temple of the Warriors, pelota playground or Caracol – Mayan observatory. After the sightseeing and lunch you will be able to swim in a cenote Ik-Kil. Transfer to Merida, check in to a hotel in the center of the town, sightseeing during which you will see the sights from the colonial era around the square  Plaza Mayor: palace which a Spanish conquistador Francisko F. Montejo had built, the second oldest cathedral in American continet San Ildefoncio from the 16th century, the Governor’s palace and others.

3rd day Merida / Uxmal / Campeche

Breakfast. Transfer to Uxmal and a visit to an archeological site which used to be one of the most significant centers of Maya civilization and contains many interesting buildings: the Governor’s palace, the Pyramid of the Magician, House of the Turtles or Nuns’ Quadrangle which is considered to be the most refined building constructed in puuc architecture style and a perfect example of richly decorated facades typical for this architecture.

Transfer to Campeche, sightseeing in the center of the town history of which includes many attacks of pirates, check in to a hotel

4th day Campeche / Palenque

Breakfast, departure for Palenque. In the afternoon arrival in the archeological site Palenque and sightseeing around the site. Palenque is considered to bet he most beautiful Maya city of the Classic Period. The discovery of the well preserved tomb of king Pakal in the crypt of the Temple of Inscriptions in 1960’s has turned  Palenque into a cult. The location of the city on the slopes of the mountains and the lush jungle around it gives the place a rather mysterious and mystical feel. Other significant buildings are the Temple of the Sun, the Temple of the Cross or the Royal Palace. After the sightseeing short transfer to the hotel, check in, free time for your own activities, a visit to the center of Palenque


5th day  Palenque / Yaxchilan / Bethel / Isla Flores

Early in the morning departure for the heart of Chiapas, to the river Usumacinta and Frontera Corozal followed by a boat ride down the river to reach Yaxchilán. This formerly famous and powerful city is hidden in the jungle and is accesible only via the river. After seeing the city, a bus transfer to Isla Flores, a romantic town which is located in the middle of  lake Petén Itzá. Check in at the hotel, free time for your own activities such as swimming in the lake, visiting  local taverns on the shore with a view of the sunset over the lake.

6th day Isla Flores (optional trip to Yaxha)

Breakfast in the hotel, the whole day free for your own activities, rest, swimming, possible boat ride on the lake or looking around the island and its vicinity. If you are interested, there is the possibility of an optional trip to Yaxha: El Parque Nacional de Yaxha, Nakum y Naranjo. There you can admire the breathtaking views over the surrounding countryside from the tops of the pyramids, especially the view over a neraby lake and observe monkeys freely moving around in the treetops. The trip is planned for the late afternoon and one of its highlights is the mystical sunset over the lake surrounded by the jungle which you will be able to watch from the top of the almost 40 meters tall pyramid called El Templo de las Manos Rojas. There is a real possibility that this extraordinary experience will be there only for you, shared with no-one.

7th day Isla Flores / Tikal / Lamanai

Early in the morning departure from Flores (takeaway breakfast) and a visit to Parque Nacional Tikal, one of the largest and the most renowned centers of Maya culture during the Classic Period Visit to the Central and North Acropolis, Temple of the Great Jaguar and Temple of the Masks, Temple V. Later Mundo Perdido (The Lost World), a group of Seven Temples as well as the largest Maya temple in Tikal and in the whole of Mesoamerica Templo IV reaching the height of almost 70 meters. reaching the height of almost 70 meters.  After the sightseeing, departure in the direction of Belize, accommodation in Lamanai not far from the former Mayan kingdom

8th day Lamanai / Chetumal / Playa del Carmen

In the morning a boat ride on the New River through the awakening countryside with an incredible amount of exotic flora and fauna as far as the pyramids. A visit to the most famous pyramids in Belize. After lunch, transfer to Chetumal, the border with Mexico, and further Riviera Maya. In the evening accommodation in the center of the cosmopolitan resort Playa del Carmen in a 3* hotel, breakfast included (it is possible to arrange a 4* all inclusive hotel right on the beach for an extra fee)

9th day  Playa del Carmen

Free time for your own activities, swimming in the sea, rest, accommodation in a 3* hotel

10th day  Playa del Carmen

Free time for your own activities, swimming in the sea, rest at the hotel, the possibility of optional tours to Xcaret, Xelha or to the pyramids in Cobá

11th day  Playa del Carmen

Free time for your own activities, swimming in the sea, rest at the hotel, the possibility of optional tours to Xcaret, Xelha or to the pyramids in Cobá

12th day  Playa del Carmen

Morning free for your own activities, swimming, at 12:00 check out from the hotel, in the afternoon transfer to the airport in Cancun

Price of the excursion 2016**:

Price: 1.393- USD / per person in a group of  8 participants

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